General Membership Policy


Adherence to Event Leader Directives

Event leaders are responsible for the overall success of the event. Failure to obey a trip leader or his/her designated assistant is cause for expulsion from AO.


Events Attended by Non-members

Non-members are welcome to attend AO events unless specifically disallowed on the flyer. Members and Non-members alike must RSVP for any event. Most events are available on a first-come first-served basis, without prejudice to non-members.


Unprepared/Unqualified Participant (based on event flyer description)

Event participants are required to meet or exceed all standards specified in the event flyer. Attendees must be properly prepared and possess the appropriate skill level described. Event leaders at their discretion may refuse attendees whom in their judgment fail to qualify.


Suggested AO Events

Members may submit suggested AO events to the Board of Directors for consideration.
Indoor Events

Though most AO events are outdoors, AO schedules a limited number of indoor events each year. This number varies from quarter to quarter, depending upon the season.


Non-payment of Carpool Fee

A member who fails to compensate his/her driver the required carpool fee will be excluded from future carpools.